Black Ops Modding Programs-READ BEFORE YOU DOWNLOAD

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Black Ops Modding Programs-READ BEFORE YOU DOWNLOAD

Post  Normalization on Sun Apr 01, 2012 7:27 pm

Recently there has been a wave of program "releases" that claim they can decrypt black ops fastfiles. These programs are fake, and most likely contain malware.

Please note, currently there is no public method for decrypting fastfiles.

Tools you can trust:
CPMonkey's FastCryptTool
iHc ZoneViewer
iHc Toolbox

Tools you can NOT trust:
Any tool claiming to be a "black ops version of ffviewer"

Next, there has also been a wave of viruses claiming they can edit your black ops rank, cod points etc. These are all fake, and 100% viruses. You can not mod your black ops rank from your PC.

Tools you can trust:

Tools you can NOT trust:
Any tool claiming to edit your black ops prestige, rank, or cod points (etc..)
Any tool claiming to edit blackops savegame.svg's
Any tool claiming to give you infections
etc.. (use common sense)

Do not download these programs (with the exception of the trusted programs mentioned above), as they most likely contain malware and will put all of your personal info at risk, including your TTG account.

In the event that a legitimate program is released, a staff member will validate the thread. Do not download any of these programs unless you see staff verification.

If you see a thread that is posting one of these malware programs, please take the following steps:

2. Report the thread. A staff member will delete it asap.
3. Do not post on the topic. Posting only helps keep the topic alive.

In other words, report it and move on.



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